Corporations & Organizations

Client Appreciation Events

• Perfect for networking & sourcing new business leads

• Great for deepening relationships with existing clients.

• Fun & informative departure from traditional networking events.

Best suited for: Financial brokerage firms, Hedge & Pension Funds, Insurance Agencies.

Team Building/ Development Events

• This experience is great for boosting morale.

• Helps to improve relationships between employees and management.

• Facilitates bridging the generation gap between millennials and seasoned employees.

Best suited for: Law firms, banks, utility companies, IT firms.

Tournament Enhancements

• Perfect add-on to take place in conjunction with a business or charity tournament.

• Fun alternative for those who feel uncomfortable playing in a golf tournament.

• Allows participants to experience golfing without playing on a team.

Best suited for: Women & new or beginner golfers

Golf Socials for Charitable Organizations/Non-Profits

• Perfect for organizations that want to hold fundraisers.

• Great for corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Best suited for: Charities, churches, & non-profits.

*All Events take place on-site at your place of business or at a local golf facility.

*Programs are structured either as stand-alone lecture styled presentations, or workshops that consists of a presentation followed by hands-on golf swing technique instruction.

*Sessions may also include breakfast or lunch depending on clients preference. Contact us for a customized solution for your firm or organization.


Speaking Engagements

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Programs for Individuals


Signature Men & Women’s Professional Development

Perfect for anyone interested in understanding the game of golf and how it can be used for personal and professional advancement. Program covers game overview, objectives, etiquette, scoring, attire, equipment, terminology and more.


Deals on the Green: One on One On-course Coaching

Designed for those wanting extra guidance or a boost of confidence prior to accepting an invitation to play in a company tournament, or with a client, or colleague. Program includes basic rules, pace of play, course management, as well as when to talk business.

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