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We Show Women How to Close more Deals & Get Promoted using Golf


SisterGolf teaches female business professionals how they can use golf as a tool for developing mutually beneficial business relationships, and creating connections for professional advancement in the Corporate workplace. Delivered through our Online Course, Signature half-day workshop, and One on One On Course Private Coaching Sessions, SisterGolf’s unique differentiator is teaching driven women professionals how to play golf to achieve business and career success!

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How to Use Golf to Get Business for Ladies

Half-day Workshop, covers Business Development Strategy, Game Fundamentals, and includes Hands-on Group Golf Lesson

Deals on the Green On-Course Session

Includes a 9 hole round of golf, and covers Rules, Etiquette, Course Management and more

Cubicle to Course Online Training

This comprehensive course covers everything needed to confidently participate in a Corporate or Charity Tournament and use golf as a tool for growth & success

Newbie Golfer Accessories Starter Kit

Includes, Sleeve of Golf Balls, Golf Glove, Golf Hat, Tees, Ball Marker




I had a phenomenal experience with Shella at SisterGolf. I am now comfortable going to the golf course to enjoy golf as I enhance my skills. Shella was patient and taught us the basics of the game and also proper golf etiquette.

Mia Cowan
April 7, 2018

Shella Sylla will rock your world! I highly recommend taking her golf workshop. Shella's success story in the financial services industry made a huge impact on my career and how I do business. Thanks to Shella's excellent coaching approach.

Jackie Bell Hollingsworth
March 27

The SisterGolf workshop was the perfect way to begin my golf journey, learn practical ways to use golf to build my business, and meet a new network and community of women in Birmingham. Shella is incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, and fun!

Mary Meadows Livingston
March 25

Picked up a new hobby, thanks to Sister Golf! The event I attended was great. It was nice to learn how to use golf to get new clients AND acutually get some hands on practice in.

Courtney Woods
March 24

SisterGolf is a grand idea! It's a great intro to golf. It teaches a lady so much more than stroke technique - it teaches you EVERYTHING you need to make playing golf an asset to your profession. PLUS - it's fun and a great way to network! Give it a try!

Lisa Christopher
July 21, 2017

Before I took Shella's class, I thought that golf was not only boring but just for rich people. Now that I've completed her class, I have learned just how interesting and fascinating the game of golf can be.

Indiana Bama
May 26, 2015

I reluctantly played in a golf tournament, on a team with men I did not know. Although I was hesitant to play without my female golf buddies, the experience proved to be quite amazing. I have always been very comfortable with my female golf friends and never feared any judgment whatsoever.

Marcella Anderson-Roberts
August 15, 2017

Clients, Partners, & Sponsors

Many thanks to everyone who has helped to make SisterGolf a success.


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