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How Golf Acts as an Equalizer in Business

Golf is often referred to as “The Gentleman’s Game” due to its status as a game that anyone can play regardless of their gender, height, athletic ability, or social status. As long as you understand the proper techniques, fundamentals, and terminology, you can always utilize golfing as a method to engage other players on an equal level.

However, one glaring issue within the golfing world is the lack of diversity. With the exception of a few key figures, such as Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie, most golfing settings often involve white male players, which can often make the golf course feel like a boy’s club.

This is where SisterGolf comes into play. SisterGolf is dedicated to leveling the playing field by teaching women the fundamentals of golf in addition to professional development in order to enhance both their careers and personal relationships.

It’s no secret that business deals are often closed on the course, and often the bonding experience of playing the “gentleman’s game” as a lady makes you stand out even more amongst your peers, especially if you happen to be a person of color. Let’s say you want to set a business meeting with a potential partner or investor with whom you didn’t have a prior relationship. How about you invite them to a game of golf?

Everyone from the most casual to seasoned golfer can enjoy a round of golf while networking, as long as you maintain the rules of etiquette while doing so. For example, allowing other players to take the first shot at the tee, marking your ball on the green, and raking the sand trap after your shot are all important aspects to the game, but they also demonstrate that you care about your fellow players and their enjoyment of the game.

Showcasing traits such as generosity, patience, and a healthy dose of humor will not only make you stand out on the course, but they will allow you to network with other professionals who value these traits in both the green and the boardroom.

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