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Are you in a male dominated industry and finding it hard to compete and excel because you’re not a part of the “boys’ club”?"

How to Use Golf to Get Business for Ladies

Half Day


Join us for a half day workshop that will teach you how to effectively use Golf, a well known but underutilized strategy, to catapult your Career or Business into OverDrive!


Session Will Include:


Delectable Continental Breakfast with Mimosas
Hands On Group Golf Lesson/Clinic with PGA Certified Golf Instructors
Keynote Presentation
Range Balls Provided
Topics Covered:
Golf Clubs Provided
How to Use Golf to Get Business
Savory Lunch & Beverages
Overview of Game Fundamentals
Wrap-Up Session
Workshop Materials Provided
Swag Bag

Deals on the Green

Full Day

One on One On Course Private Coaching Session

Have you taken a few lessons? Can you hit (make contact with) the golf ball consistently? However, you’re still yet to actually accept an invitation to play in a charity or corporate tournament, because you don’t feel ready or confident enough to take the plunge.  After taking this Full Day Session, you’ll be equipped with all the tools needed to accept your next invitation to play in any scramble or best ball tournament.

Session includes:


Continental Breakfast
Golf clubs rental (if needed)
30 Minute Golf Range Refresher/Practice
Sleeve of Golf Balls
Range Balls
Savory Lunch
9 Holes of On Course “Golf for Business” Instruction
Wrap up Session
Golf Cart & Green Fees
Golf tips Workbook

Cubicle to Course Online Training

Upon completion of this course the student will have all of the tools needed to

participate in a Corporate or Charity Golf Tournament.

In addition, the student will understand how playing golf creates relationships

that lead to opportunities for growth and success in the workplace.

This powerful course is delivered through delivered through 18 short, quality

videos along with interactive lessons, workbook assignments, and quizzes. 

 You’ll learn:

  •  How Golf Facilitates Relationship Building
  •  When to Accept an Invitation
  •  Golf Attire, Accessories & Equipment
  •  Rules, Etiquette, Handicap & Scoring
  •  Golf Swing Technique Instruction Resources & So Much More

Newbie Golfer Accessories Starter Kit

Includes, Sleeve of Golf Balls, Golf Glove, Golf Hat, Tees, Ball Marker