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What is SisterGolf?

We get asked that question quite a bit? Are we a non-profit? Are we a membership group? Are we a
coaching organization that teaches women to play golf? The answer is…kinda sorta but not really.
We are not a non-profit, we are not a membership group, and we don’t just focus on teaching women to
play golf. We are a business development firm that specializes in equipping women with the tools to
leverage the sport of golf for business and career success!
We do this via our on-line courses, periodic live workshops, and our one-on-one on course sessions.
Through these various channels we share how golf has been used for centuries by men as a way to
network and create relationships that lead to profitable business deals; and how when used correctly by
women the benefits that golf bestows on their ability to gain more visibility and close more deals are
immediate and exponential.
“If you give somebody else what you have discovered, that is the greatest joy!” – Jean Nidetch
I have made connections, gotten referrals, been offered job opportunities, made friends, and closed
deals all as a result of golf. As a result, discovering that this sport is a catalyst for so many benefits, I am
joyful every time I have the opportunity to share it with others. If you’d like to experience the benefits
golf can offer you, register for one of our programs at

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